V for Victory

A new wartime musical


Music by

Günther Fiala


Concept and Lyrics by

Dries Janssens


Book by

Dries Janssens & Anthony Orme


Additional Lyrics by

Anthony Orme


Additional Story Contributions by

Sam Hancox & Rob Verwimp

Logo by Craig Robert McDowall
Logo by Craig Robert McDowall


1940, Britain declares war with Germany, war rages on the western front, but what happened to the forgotten occupied island of Jersey? Cut off from Britain, Jersey struggles to come to terms with its new German occupation. When morals, justice and even life itself is put to the test it falls to a group of islanders to stand up for Jersey's honour. But is it all too late?  

V FOR VICTORY - The Musical (Work in Progress)

full concert version


V FOR VICTORY - "Under the Light of the Moon"


V FOR VICTORY  - "Turn the Tide"